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2012~2013 – It’s Time for Taiwan!!

via Taiwan Bimonthly January February Issue, 2012

Taiwan - The Heart of Asia


Taiwan is a beautiful island, a land of diverse scenery with towering mountains and dramatic coastlines. Apart from its wondrous natural assets, Taiwan is also characterized by a fascinating mix of traditional and modern culture and the coexistence of different ethnic groups. Its central location in East Asia and its mild climate are also advantages for visitors. The surprise, then, is why in the past Taiwan was not seen as a premier tourist destination by international travelers.

Over the last decade this perspective has begun to change, and in dramatic fashion. Thanks to successful promotional efforts by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, the island has moved from being a seasoned traveler’s insider tip to a top travel destination in Asia, attracting more than 5.5 million visitors in 2010, a steep rise from the 2.83 million visitors in 2001. While this growth in inbound tourism has been remarkable, the ambitious plans of the Tourism Bureau don’t stop here. Promotional initiatives to improve the overall travel environment are ongoing, with the government hoping to increase the number of visitors per year to 10 million by 2016.

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Visitor Arrivals in Taiwan (in millions)

2001 – 2.83
2002 – 2.97
2003 – 2.24
2004 – 2.95
2005 – 3.37
2006 – 3.51
2007 – 3.71
2008 – 3.84
2009 – 4.39
2010 – 5.56

Source: Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC)
Note: At the time of writing, the number for 2011 was expected to top the 6-million mark.

This is good news for travelers who plan to visit, both first-timers as well as those who have visited before. First-timers will be surprised by the diverse travel environment, with myriad options for recreation, relaxation, excitement, indulgence, and learning. Repeat visitors will realize with each new visit that there is always still more to discover and experience, and that traveling around each time becomes even more convenient and pleasurable.

During 2012~2013, the Tourism Bureau is covering all bases by presenting visitors the best possible and most touching Taiwan experiences. Tourists are invited to join specially designed tours that bring exposure to all facets of local life, including religious practices, traditional and modern culture, the lives of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples, hot-spring bathing, hiking in the mountains and exploring the wide variety of ecological environments, “chasing” local celebrities, and going on two-wheel adventures following dedicated bikeways. Four international annual festivals are being specially promoted: the Taiwan Lantern Festival, Taiwan Hot Spring and Fine-Cuisine Carnival, Taiwan Culinary Exhibition, and Taiwan Cycling Festival.

A total of 100 routes are currently suggested, covering all areas of Taiwan, all promising to offer a “touching” experience. Visitors are also encouraged to visit “International Spotlight” areas that have been selected by the Tourism Bureau as representative places featuring unique aspects of local culture that offer facilities and services meeting international standards.

Visiting any of Taiwan’s 13 national scenic areas, which are directly administered by the Tourism Bureau, is also highly recommended, since all area administrations offer suggestions for the best routes and organize attractive seasonal festivals and events.

With so much focus and effort being placed on developing Taiwan into a premier travel destination in the heart of Asia these days, it is now truly the time for Taiwan!

For more info about the latest tourism-related developments in Taiwan, visit the official website of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau at http://taiwan.net.tw.

Why Now Is the Time for Taiwan

  1.  New experiences, encompassing: religion, traditional and modern culture, indigenous peoples, hot-spring resorts, hiking, local pop culture, eco-environment discoveries, and bicycling.
  2. 100 routes promising heart-touching experiences
  3. Increasingly convenient public-transportation network, integrating High Speed Rail and conventional railway services as well as tour-bus routes
  4. “International Spotlight” areas presenting local culture and offering facilities/services that meet international standards
  5. Exciting tours and activities in all of Taiwan’s 13 national scenic areas
  6. International festivals introducing local culture, fine cuisine, hot-spring bathing, and traveling by bicycle


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